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Conjugueurs de Meunier depuis 1929

      Demi-Sec - Bottle

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      Le Meunier au singulier.

      Demi-Sec is made entirely of Meunier with a traditional winemaking method. It spends an average of 2 years ageing on laths. This cuvée was Champagne Dom Caudron’s first creation. It embodies Passy-Grigny terroir and the unique features of the Meunier grape variety. Cuvée Demi-Sec dosed at 33 grams of sugar per liter. This dosage gives the champagne a succulent character.


      Data sheet

      Bottle Size
      Bottle (75cl)
      Blanc de Noirs
      Demi - Sec : 33 g/l
      100% Meunier

      Specific References

      « Moments / Champagne » pairing :

      • The perfect base for your cocktails (Mixology)

      • During a meal with dessert

      • During parties at home or in Night Clubs                                   

      Our culinary harmonies :

      • Sweet ‘n’ Sour Cuisine

      • Sweet ‘n’ Salty Cuisine

      • Spicy Asian food

      • Blue Cheeses, Roquefort, Fourme d’Ambert

      • White and yellow fruit desserts

      • Chocolate

      Serving temperature : 8-9°C

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